Welcome To Northfield House Primary Academy

As Principal, I would like to welcome you to our Academy. I hope that you will feel Northfield House Primary Academy is the Academy you wish to choose for your child. We wish our children to have special and happy memories of their time at Northfield House and value highly the positive relationships we have built between children, parents, staff, governors and our neighbouring communities.

Ofsted Report now available

Northfield House Primary Academy has been judged to be ‘Good’ during an inspection by Ofsted in July 2018.  Please click here to read the full report, and contact the school office if you require a paper copy.

  • Alex Curran, Principal
  • Ben Burpitt, Head of School

Academy Tweets

NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Thank you to everyone that donated for #ComicRelief on Friday. We raised £526! #community #empathy #globalcitizens https://t.co/vmQnRc5Kf5 9 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 1M have been creating picture story maps. #creativity #makinglinks #charactermuscles #tmet https://t.co/4GFIjWku5G 9 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET RR have been investigating ‘1 more’ and ‘1 less’ in lots of different ways. They loved adding ‘1 more’ eye or leg t… https://t.co/sVH6OgDuyh 10 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Mrs Mulla’s English group have created some amazing non chronological reports and art work based on their fantastic… https://t.co/yb66uDUD9c 10 hours ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 4J had their first attempt at using personification this week. They found it tricky at first but they used their re… https://t.co/pajScydHge 3 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET RT @CastleMeadAcad: Would you like: an exciting new challenge? a unique opportunity to work in a brand new school? If your answer is yes,… 3 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Remember your T-shirts, noses and contributions to Comic Relief! 4 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Fantastic reading is happening in Mrs Buxton’s phonics group! #EYFS #confidence #perseverance #independencehttps://t.co/colofQIbof 4 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET RT @leicesterssp: Our first High-5 League fixture for the teams at @soarvalley16 with 7 teams taking part @mellorsport @abbeypcs @PE_Willow 4 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Mrs Simpkin’s group enjoyed having honey with their bagels this morning. #savethebees #communication #enthusiasmhttps://t.co/AXGZZzhV3y 4 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Despite the weather Nursery absolutely loved their trip to Stonehurst Farm. They saw lots of animals and learnt lot… https://t.co/w3jYNJOrDR 5 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET RH have enjoyed reading The 3 Little Pigs. They have built houses using straw, sticks & bricks & have produced some… https://t.co/wPuo9qDXRq 5 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET This afternoon, 5M have been putting their perseverance muscles to the test when learning how to code on Scratch.… https://t.co/3DP1fzegId 5 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 6W have been learning about Africa as part of their One Leicester One World Topic. Today they finished their reflec… https://t.co/JOYcXdH6M4 5 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 2A have been making up their own dance moves. #creativity #enthusiasm #cooperation #charactermuscles #tmet https://t.co/oeq4hqwTpV 5 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 2A have been making up their own dance moves. #creativity #enthusiasm #cooperation #charactermuscles #tmet https://t.co/ksTyd63Clp 5 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 3W are jamming with Bob Marley and Mr Odedra in music. #music #enthusiasm #listening #charactermuscles #tmet https://t.co/M3JtvV0mKt 5 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 2A have been learning to use homophones. #makinglinks #communication #concentration #charactermuscles #tmet https://t.co/ialDXAxShm 5 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET RR enjoyed peforming ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ to the whole school and parents. Well done RR, you all spoke so… https://t.co/aBYydRxRlf 5 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 1M used a visual resource to solve subtraction number sentences. #makinglinks #concentration #charactermuscles #tmet https://t.co/4WGctGwt5G 5 days ago