Welcome To Northfield House Primary Academy

As Principal, I would like to welcome you to our Academy. I hope that you will feel Northfield House Primary Academy is the Academy you wish to choose for your child. We wish our children to have special and happy memories of their time at Northfield House and value highly the positive relationships we have built between children, parents, staff, governors and our neighbouring communities.

Ofsted Report now available

Northfield House Primary Academy has been judged to be ‘Good’ during an inspection by Ofsted in July 2018.  Please click here to read the full report, and contact the school office if you require a paper copy.

  • Alex Curran, Principal
  • Ben Burpitt, Head of School

Academy News

Academy Tweets

NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Year 6 have been making videos about visiting a mosque as part of their RE unit ‘What does it mean to be a Muslim?’… https://t.co/5xBLCuZ9RI 2 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET RR have been busy adding single digit numbers this week. Here we are using numicon to help us combine two groups of… https://t.co/YPLiUVmTPL 2 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Mr Wharin's maths group were revising the properties of 3D shape and solving problems using their properties yester… https://t.co/yiuXeTQxLD 2 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 6W have been reading lots and passing their Reading Pro quizzes. #perseverance #enthusiasm #charactermuscles #tmet https://t.co/3fMkgKOfDo 2 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Please park carefully around school and be aware of the children around you. #community #lookaftereachother 2 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Wrap up warm this morning and be careful on the way to school. The playground has been fully gritted and is being… https://t.co/Si54QwM1s2 3 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Mr Burpitt will be selecting an attendance voucher winner at random in assembly today... #gottobeintowinhttps://t.co/E0Oh094h2W 3 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 1M used paint to print the doubles of different amounts. #makinglinks #concentration #resourceful #charactermuscleshttps://t.co/YUc6aZBbmM 3 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 2W have been using dienes to help them solve addition and subtraction problems. #problemsolving #resourcefulhttps://t.co/TTOXtr7x1I 3 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Nursery have used the compare bears to help them add two groups of numbers together. #reflective #resourcefulhttps://t.co/68aV3rbusU 3 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Amazing work from 1HW. They have been learning a poem and learning to know it off by heart. Here they are practisin… https://t.co/vj9k3FdT4u 3 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 4T have been responding to their home reading with a variety of activities including wanted posters for characters… https://t.co/erxBr3jPnv 3 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Mrs Mulla will be taking over as our Inclusion manager, in addition to her teaching role. #SENCo changes https://t.co/uQoLjFeglN 4 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET We are pleased to announce that Mr Wharin and Mrs Willoughby are now Assistant Principals in addition to their teac… https://t.co/SsVa3w9T9g 4 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET RT @Leicester_News: Road temperatures are expected to drop well below freezing again tonight, so we'll be out #gritting in #Leicester early… 4 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET RT @LeicsSCITT: We are looking forward to meeting more potential primary school teachers at this event. If you can't make this one, check… 4 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET RT @TMETrust: Two of our academies - Rowlatts Hill Primary Academy and Northfield House Primary Academy - have been listed in the top 10 pr… 4 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Thank you to the parents who dropped in for coffee and to speak to Mrs Curran this morning. We are planning another… https://t.co/zfK1GUJNZi 4 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET Y6 have written their first draft of their reports on #FantasticBeasts by @jk_rowling. Afterwards they practised th… https://t.co/ZD3Mc8smgD 4 days ago
NorthfieldPrimAcad @Northfield_TMET 1M used cubes and mirrors to work out the doubles of different amounts. #makinglinks #resourceful #concentrationhttps://t.co/tSStQi1z6h 4 days ago